Tabaco cigarro tratamento com CBD

CBD as a treatment to stop smoking tobacco

CBD has been associated with many neuronal circuits involved in the acquisition of addiction and subsequent drug-seeking behaviors, making it an excellent pharmacological candidate for the treatment of substance use disorders.

Two studies by University College London prove the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment to stop smoking tobacco.The first study gave 12 smokers a CBD inhaler and another 12 smokers a placebo inhaler to use whenever they felt like smoking a cigarette. After one week of treatment, the researchers found that those using the CBD inhaler had a 40% reduction in cigarette use, while those using the placebo had no significant change.

In the second study done by the same university, 30 smokers were recruited. Randomly some took 800mg of CBD and others took a matching placebo. The participants were asked to submit themselves to situations where smoking was more likely (parties, drinking, or friends smoking), what they found was that a single 800mg dose of CBD can help reduce the temptation to smoke tobacco in susceptible environments.

Quitting smoking is often a difficult process as it can cause a very stressful effect on a person. By choosing to use CBD as an alternative, for example through an eLiquid, you are not only filling the habit of holding something and smoking, but also one of the benefits of CBD is precisely to reduce stress and anxiety, thus being an excellent option to quit smoking for good.

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